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HOPE FOR TODAY'S political platform is based on the fact that political systems and governments will continue to disappoint and fail you. They are not able to move us forward. They are not able to offer true Hope for Today. It is only Jesus who can bring this hope. This election year you are encouraged to vote your heart. Vote Jesus. Let him transform you. It is your transformation that has the potential to transform your life and make a difference within your circle of influence.
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a lot of merging of politics with Jesus as if he is pleased with our trust in politics and a specific candidate. But is this really true? Think about it in this way.

Jesus was highly political. He came for the purpose of establishing a kingdom over which he would be king. The difference between his politics and our current political system is that his kingdom has nothing to do with the established political systems. His kingdom is future, not on the earth, and is currently being prepared for his people (John 14:3; 18:36-37). Jesus came to invite all who will to embrace him to receive this kingdom as their home.

Jesus was highly political, but did not speak out on the political issues of his day. His concern was with the hearts of individuals, the source of the issues of life (Mark 7:20-23; Proverbs 4:23). Change the heart and you will change the issues. Change the heart and you will live in an environment of peace and justice. Jesus did not invite us to work toward building his earthly kingdom on earth, but to invite all to prepare for the arrival of his coming future kingdom (Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 14:23).

Jesus was highly political, yet even though Roman brutality was a part of everyday life in Jesus' day, Jesus
did not become involved in political debates (Matthew 22:15-22), instead he encouraged his hearers to experience a heart change. He also refused to be made king when the crowds wanted to make him one (John 6:15). Also, he told His disciples not to tell others that He was the Messiah, Israel's king (Matthew 16:20); nor did he ever incite the people against Rome (Luke 23:5). Even though Jesus was a king over a vast kingdom, he had nothing to do with any earthly kingdom; his focus was on the kingdom that would be established.

Jesus came to encourage all people to change their hearts. A heart change would lead to behavioral change. A change in behavior brings about a change in an individual's immediate circle of influence.

America's problems today is not with the democrats or republicans. Governments have been around for thousands of years filled with all kinds of bickering, backbiting, wars, and injustices, even toward their own people. Presidents and governments are not your hope. A look over our political system reveals that no matter what political party a president or senator or congressman embrace, our sovereignty continues to be chipped away at, our economy continues to erode, our morals continue to decline, and our Christian liberties continue to be taken from us. We have less Christian freedoms today than ever before. Our sovereignty, our economy, our morals, and our Christian liberties will continue to erode. The way of governments does not progress toward greater things...just the opposite.

The issues we face are not overcome by governmental authority, but by change of heart. We have more laws than we have ever had, yet our court system continues to grow, our jails and prisons continue to expand, and the morals and behavior of people continue to grow worse. More and more what was once considered unacceptable is becoming the norm.

If there is to be even a smidgen of hope for each of us, it is up to you to embrace Jesus, follow his teachings, and live out his teachings within your circle of influence. Doing this transforms you from the inside out.

Jesus transforms a person's behavior from within themselves. Jesus, psychologists, and neuroscientists are clear that inner transformation leads to outer change, not legislation, laws, or confinement. This is why our only Hope for Today is with the one who can transform the character and behavior of people: Jesus is the
Hope for Today
, we also must step outside the divided, oppressive, false hope of the current political systems. Stop embracing divisive terms such as democrat, republican, conservative, liberal. You are God's people. Your first loyalty is to an eternal God who gives the hope of a future eternal kingdom.

Hope for Today is not an encouragement toward a particular candidate. Hope for Today is an encouragement to embrace true hope, real change, and to campaign for Jesus as the only true Hope for Today. As individuals change, so will they impact the circle in which they move.

Hope for Today is an encouragement for each of you to invite those around you to an entirely different hope: the hope that only Jesus gives. A hope that offers peace, comfort, and a refuge despite the wreckage that surrounds you. This is the responsibility of all claiming to be God's people (Matthew 28:19-20).

Hope for Today is an invitation to...
Embrace Jesus: read one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke). In these books you will meet Jesus, understand who he is, what he did, and what he taught. (Acts 16:31) Believe in him; then go forth to campaign for him.

Understand Jesus' teachings. After you embrace Jesus, learn of him and what he means for your life. Read the New Testament and absorb yourself in his teachings and that of his disciples. (Matthew 11:29)

 Put into action
his teachings. Let Jesus and his teachings become a lifestyle. (James 1:22) Affirming Jesus' teachings does not bring change. Making his teachings part of your life brings the change that will make a difference in your circle of influence and the wider community.
ones who claim the name of Christ, would put forth as much effort in promoting Jesus as many do about who they think should or shouldn't be the next president, perhaps change--real change--would take place within your circle of influence and community.

Our encouragement to campaign for Jesus is simple: Do something, anything, to promote Jesus as the most viable candidate for positive change.
no real hope for individuals or nations until
the hearts of people are transformed through the
embracing of Jesus, his teachings, and his lifestyle
(Matthew 11:29)

no real hope for individuals if someone
does not bring the hope of Jesus to them
(Romans 10:14)

Let's get on the campaign trail and vote for
Jesus with a transformed heart and then put
our hands to the plow and not look back
(Luke 9:62; James 1:22)
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