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"The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand:
repent ye, and believe the Gospel." (Mark 1:15)

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The Prophetic Timeline
THE PROPHETIC TIMELINE is your guide to ordering the main events of the last days. The Prophetic Timeline charts the last day nations and events recorded in the books of Daniel, Matthew 24, and Revelation to give a comprehensive timeline from around the early 600's to the establishement of God's kingdom.

CHART: The Prophetic Timeline
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Our Present Age - Newsletter
Issue One
    Countdown to 2030: Eight Short Years

Issue One
    The Rapture
Issue Two
    Toward 2030 & A New World Order
Issue Three
     Christians At War: Time to Take Up Arms?
Issue Four
the Revelation: Earth's Final Years

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The Chart of the Book of Revelation is companion to the book, "Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist." It charts the book of Revelation following its natural order as given to the apostle John by Jesus Christ. Following this outline, we understand when the apostasy of the church takes place, the Antichrist will appear, the great tribulation will be released, Jesus will return, and the rapture occurs.

CHART: Book of Revelation
Coming Soon: Commentary on Matthew 24 & 251 UNDERSTANDING THE LAST DAYS does not have to be complicated. Jesus made this clear when in Matthew 24 He outlined the events and ordering of last day events in only 28 verses.When we look at last day events from these verses alone, we have our road map for understanding where we are on the prophetic timeline and how close we are to the appearing of the Antichrist, the return of Christ as King, and the rapture. After teaching on the last days, Jesus then completes Matthew 24 and continues through Matthew 25 with encouragements to be on the lookout for the King who is coming soon. COMING SOON follows Jesus’ outline to present a brief, concise timeline and ordering of last day events.

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100% Guaranteed: You Have An Appointment With Destiny 100% GUARANTEED: You Have An Appointment With Destiny explores the evidence for God and eternity. It is an excellent follow-up after sharing the gospel, and a practical little handbook that puts the essential arguments for God at the evangelist's fingertips. It thoroughly covers the Law and the gospel, making it an effective resource for reaching the lost. This book briefly explores: Is there a God? Were we created or did we just evolve? Are all religions equal? How do you know the Bible is true? What happens to you after you die? How can you know where you’re going after death? What happens after you become a Christian.

E-BOOK: 100% Guaranteed
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Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist THE BOOK OF REVELATION is the timeline of earth’s last seven years. It helps us to understand our present age, giving to us answers to the following:•Where the apostasy of the church is leading us•Where the brutality of the Islamic State is steering us•Why Great Britain, the United States, Russia, and Islam are on the world stage at the same time influencing world events•How the New World Order will come into existence•Where the Antichrist will come from•Is the Antichrist among us today?”Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist follows the ordering of the book of Revelation to also reveal the ordering of last day events: apostasy, appearing of the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, the rapture, the day and hour of God’s wrath, the millennium, the great white throne judgment, and our entrance into eternity.

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