Antichrist & the Economy

THE POLITICAL LEADER CALLED ANTICHRIST is presently shoring up the last event necessary to end America's superpower status, to bring global transformation, and to set himself up as the man with the plan for the world's economic problems and as it's leader.

We know from Revelation thirteen that Antichrist will offer the world an economic plan that will remove money and how we value it, totally revamping our present economic system.  His system will be paperless and will no doubt be controlled by computers and electronics as he requires everyone to have a mark to buy and sell anything.  Think about that for a moment...you will need "the mark" to pay rent, buy groceries, pay for medications, pay taxes, etc.  Your hoarded paper money and precious silver and gold will be worthless.

To make this happen all nations must participate.  It is not easy for a nation to give up its economic sovereignty--which is the same as giving up its political sovereignty, unless a major crises rises up deeming it a necessity.  The world is being prepared right now with the idea that our only hope for economic health is through global unity.  What is really scary is that there is hardly an outcry against the idea as governments and its people do not see another viable alternative to fix our economic problems.  We've taken the Antichrist's bait, he has us on the line, and he is ready to reel us in. America's present economic and perceived terrorist crises is being used to further advance this global economic unity.

Antichrist is ready to come to power. Presently he is creating a perceived need for global, economic unity.  World leaders have followed his lead as they cal for a global economic plan...it is only a matter of time. Some of the world's voices for a new Bretton's Wood include French President Nicolas Sarkozy as he summarizes the world's voice:

"I am convinced that the sickness runs deep and that we
need to rethink the entire financial and monetary system,
as we did in Bretton Woods...to create the tools for worldwide
regulation made necessary by the globalization of trade."

The following headlines also confirm that Antichrist is ready to establish his global, cashless monetary system:

"Foreign economists urge 'global plan'."(1)
"Global financial crisis:  does the world need a new banking 'policeman'?"(2)
"Paulson calls for global cooperation on financial crisis."(3)

These are only a sampling of the world's leaders ready to give up their country's sovereignty in favor of a global financial system, and specifically, for the United States to get the ball rolling by not looking internally for a solution, but externally within the global community.  It appears that the United States and the entire world is ready for this move, as our own Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, also agreed it was time for "global cooperation" on our financial crises.

From the Antichrist's perspective, governments and its citizens are ready to give up their sovereignty in favor of economic stability.  The world is ready to accept a cashless computer chipped economic system...and the Antichrist is ready to make his appearance.

Soon I expect the United States economy to collapse sending the US into a possible deep depression with the world behind it.  When this happens I expect the implementation of a global economic system.  When the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed in 1944, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were created.  The US dollar was also "chosen" to be the world's reserve currency.  Please note that the US dollar was chosen by the group to be the world's reserve currency.  The conscience movement toward a global economy was put into high gear in 1944.  Presently it is only a matter of timing, the right crises, or a major war to put this economic system into place. The Antichrist is definitely ready to appear.  The last piece of his infrastructure is being set in place.

In summary, I expect the following to soon take place:

1.  The collapse of the US economy.
2.  A global depression.
3.  A second Bretton Woods to revamp global economic system.
4.  Emergence of global cashless economic system.
5.  Rise to power of the Antichrist.

The sights and sounds of Antichrist are everywhere present.  Soon this Devil in a man's body will appear upon the earth. When he comes those who do not receive his plan will not be able to buy or sell. As Christians, we cannot and must not accept this system. The time to learn how to swim is before the boat tips over. Let us learn to depend upon God through Jesus Christ now before our world is turned upside down...the boat is beginning to tip.

In Closing:

In our twenty-first century sin and darkness is great and embraces all aspects of our culture. It is imperative that the light that remains shines wherever it is. You are that light and as you shine doing God's work, remember that no one will ever know the one you’re working for if you don’t tell them: how will they hear if there is not someone to tell them? (Romans 10:14)

The Bible is clear that most people—inside and outside the denominations—do not fear God and are deceived by the devil and his Antichrist. You do not have to be part of the most people. You can put your trust in Him today and then go and tell everyone you know about the God who created the world, died for their sins, rose from the dead, and gave a marvelous hope to all who will receive it. Time is short. Most people need to hear the message that Jesus taught. Do your part to help them to hear. Go and help return America to God.

Until next time…
Be so much the more, as ye see the day approaching
Steve Magill

End Notes
(1) Associated Press, October 1, 2008
(2) Telegraph.co.uk, October 8, 2008
(3) The Jerusalem Post, October 13, 2008