Will the Jews Accept
 A Muslim Antichrist?


USED AGAINST THE idea that the Antichrist could be Muslim because the Jews would not accept a Muslim Messiah is both right and wrong.

It is right because the Jews will not accept a Muslim as their Messiah. Their Scriptures are clear that their Messiah will be a Jew. It is wrong because Scripture does not say he will be embraced as one of them to be their Messiah.

Scripture reveals that the Antichrist will confirm a seven year treaty with Israel. This does not sound like a loving relationship of a people with their Savior, but two warring factions who calls a halt to their warring.

Scripture also reveals that half way through the treaty, the Antichrist will break the treaty, establish himself in the temple (the abomination of desolation), take the position of God, and engage in a global holocaust of all Jews, Christians, and anyone opposed to him. This is definitely a forced take-over of the Jews and the temple, not the Jews embracing their Messiah.

Nowhere does Scripture indicate the Jews will accept the Antichrist as their Messiah. It does indicate they accept him in the name of peace through the confirmation of a peace treaty with him.

The bottom-line is that, though the Antichrist will not be accepted as the Jews Messiah, he will be accepted as the one they form a seven year treaty with to stop the continual fighting. The Jews will accept him, but only as the negotiator of peace... through peace he overtakes Jerusalem and the temple.

Copyright 2016
Steve Magill