The Prophetic Timeline

as recorded in the books of
Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation


PERHAPS WHAT IS MOST CONFUSING when studying prophecy and the last days is the multitude of timelines and orderings of prophetic events. There is little consensus on the ordering of events, where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we actually are to the appearing of Antichrist, the return of Christ, and the rapture.

This multitude of contradictory timelines caused me to ask, "Does Scripture record a timeline of history and prophetic events?" ...the resounding answer was a clear--yes!

This timeline was found in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation. Once this timeline is understood, all other prophetic events are able to be placed in their correct order.

The timeline in Daniel records those empires that would rise up and lead to Christ's first and second coming. Daniel 2 records the empires leading to the first coming of Jesus and ushers us into the last days. Daniel 7 records those empires that lead to the rise of Antichrist, the return of Jesus, and the rapture.

In Matthew 24, the events of the last days are recorded so we can know where we are on the prophetic timeline. Jesus divides the events into three categories: 1) everyday events that take place throughout all history; 2) the beginning of sorrows that let us know we are coming to the end of the last days; and 3) the arrival of the Antichrist and the great tribulation, which lets us know the final seven years of earth's history has begun.

Daniel 2, 7, and Matthew 24 all reveal that we are in the final days of the last days when Antichrist is ready to appear.

The book of Revelation outlines the earth's last seven years, that time when the Antichrist has arrived to unleash great tribulation upon the world and God's people.

As you study the prophetic timeline, I am confident you will agree with me that God has recorded a timeline that we can follow to know where we are on the prophetic timeline and how close we are to the return of Christ.

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Copyright 2016
Steve Magill