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MY BOYS AND I RETURNED home from watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I was not comfortable as I sat through the movie thinking also about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian.  It was obvious that these "Christian" themed movies were just as much occult fantasy stories as Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.  Let me correct myself; I do not see these as Christian themed, but occult themed movies with a Christian allegory attached to it.  A Christian allegory may be attached to most things in life, but does that make it Christian?  It would be no more Christian than a pentagram with Christian symbolism attached to it.

Let's take a historical intermission  before we move on.  Jesus told us concerning the last days that things will become as sinful as the days of Noah when God destroyed the entire world (Matthew 24:37-39).  What were these sins?






Fallen angels married human women (Genesis 6:1-4).

Wickedness was so great that every imagination of their thoughts were evil continually: their purposes, goals, inventions, entertainment, etc. were all without, and contrary to, God (Genesis 6:5).

The earth was corrupt before God (Genesis 6:11).

The earth was filled with violence (Genesis 6:11).

All flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth (Genesis 6:12).

The great sin of Noah's day was that fallen angels entered the earth, married human women, and had children with them (Genesis 6:1-4).  This merger of fallen angels and human led to the corruption of all flesh, except for Noah and his three children and their wives.  This "all flesh" would also include animals; the "corrupted" refers to the combining of the DNA of the fallen angels, humans, and animals so that  those creatures known as minotaurs, centaurs, fawns, sphinx, etc. were the result.  That which we have been taught were mythological creatures were most likely very real and will be returning to the earth in the earth's final days when the earth will once again become the habitation of demons.  Consider this new species.  They would not have a human soul nor would they have a full animal spirit; therefore they could not receive redemption and their end will be hell.  What is produced is a creature that is demonic and one that is against God in spirit and behavior.

This brings me to one of the difficulties I have with the  Chronicles of Narnia.  These demonic creatures are portrayed as friendly to God's people, allying with them against the forces of evil.  The Chronicles teaches that these creatures are not to be feared, but can be offered the right hand of fellowship.  There is no doubt that the Devil is preparing our minds to receive his demonic hoard which soon will reappear upon the earth.  But are we to offer the right hand of fellowship to those not of God and outright demonic?  Proverbs 22:24, Galatians 5:9, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 are clear that we are not, yet the Chronicles of Narnia wants us to find no fault with these demonic creatures and to embrace them.  On the big screen they are certainly fun loving and helpful creatures, but they are demonic none the less.

I am afraid that the Chronicles of Narnia are not truly an allegory of God's truth, but a perversion and distortion of God's truth, since God's truth does not mix the demonic and godly.  It appears that the Chronicles are in the genre of Harry Potter with the goal of introducing children to witchcraft.  Harry Potter targets  the non-Christian while the Chronicles targets the Christian.  Christians would not embrace the demonic through the blatant witchcraft of Harry Potter; but will embrace it wrapped in Christian terminology and symbolism.  It is interesting to note that the Narnia and Harry Potter movies have risen up together, not to counter or negate one or the other, but to deceive and prepare most of the Christian and non-Christian world for the rise of Antichrist and his demonic host.

These indeed are difficult, deceptive times when the discerning of the godly from the ungodly becomes more difficult as the two continue to merge and blend.  No wonder Jesus warned that the deception would be so great that even the strongest of Christian would feel the pressure to conform (Matthew 24:24) and that the line would be so blurred that in Christian homes moms, dads, brothers, and sisters will be in conflict with one another (Luke 12:51-53).

The days we live in demand that we absorb and engraft the Scripture into our life so that the Holy Spirit may compare the spiritual things in the Bible with the spiritual things in heaven (James 1:21; 1 Corinthians 2:12,13).  Only through this combination of Scripture and Holy Spirit enlightenment will we have the discernment to live a Christian life so that, like Noah, it might be said that we were perfect in our generation. As the darkness grows darker let us be so much the more about the business of searching the Scripture and walking in the power and presence of God through His Holy Spirit.

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Be so much the more, as ye see the day approaching
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