McDonald's Evangelism

AFTER YOU HAVE AWAKENED TO people headed for hell, and have a strategy for evangelism, you are now ready to consider ways to implement your strategy. Here are a few suggestions...

Before my children knew their alphabet, they understood what the golden arches of McDonald's meant: hamburgers, fries, and pop. They also knew the difference between McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's. My children did not need to know how to read in order to recognize McDonald's and all that was within its walls.

This is how it is with distributing tracts.

Tract distribution is an opportunity to keep before the eyes of a large number of people the message of Christ, sin, and salvation. That little piece of paper does not have to get read in order for the message and all that it means is conveyed to the mind. Just like the golden arches invokes images of hamburgers, fries, and pop, so does that little piece of paper invoke images of Christ, sin, and salvation.

A second reason I like tract distribution is that it gives the opportunity to search out a large number of people in order to find the few willing to talk about what is going to happen to them after they die.

A couple of organizations from which I purchase tracts are livingwaters.com and chick.com.

I write and print most of my own tracts as I find this cheaper, it allows me to express the burning within me, and those in my circle of influence tend to read what I've written versus another author.

The majority of people who have come to Christ were talked to by someone they knew. Another way to put this is that they were brought by someone experiencing life pretty much from their perspective. Their lifestyle, experience, and status in life were pretty much the same: they lived in position with the one who lead them to Christ.

Many think of evangelism as an event; preparing for it and experiencing it much as a tourist. The cameras come out and smiles cross the faces without really getting to know the people being ministered to; there is no real sharing of how the message of the Bible translates into everyday life. When this is all evangelism consist of, I am afraid we are no more than thrill seekers looking for a weekend rush. But don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this type of evangelism when it is part of your overall evangelistic initiatives.  However, if you are a "tourist" you should really rethink what is going to happen to all those people you interact with on a daily basis.

We have such an opportunity to not only teach Christ, but to show Christ to those whom we are in position with on a daily basis. Family, friends, co-workers, and those whom we are acquainted with on a regular basis at the grocery store, post office, laundry, gas station, etc. are in need of salvation.

If we fail to keep Christ, sin, and salvation alive to those whom we are in relationship with, we have surely failed in all of our evangelistic endeavors. evangelism is not an event, it is a lifestyle.

Prophets were a unique breed characterized in the following ways:

  • Prophets ministered when sin was rampant.
  • Prophets spoke directly and plainly, no beating around the bush about what sin was, the need for immediate repentance, the relationship between sin and the nation's health.
  • Prophets ministered on the streets, to government officials, and to the general population.
  • Prophets lived life contrary to the rest of culture and spoke out against the culture of their day.
  • Prophets were unconcerned about what would happen to them, because they understood the God who sent them.

The time has come when we are going to witness more and more prophets hitting the streets with a loud, direct, and contrary voice encouraging people to repent of sin or suffer the consequences of an angry God. Already we are seeing an increase in street preachers in our time. Expect this number to increase in the days ahead. Expect an increase in people living with an all or nothing attitude to the things of Christ. Expect the street preachers to come to be less concerned with reasoning the gospel as they proclaim "thus saith the Lord" directly to the conscious.