The Doctrinal Foundation
Developing a Christian Worldview 3
IN HEBREWS 6:1-2, THE APOSTLE PAUL writes of several elementary, ABC doctrines that are necessary to understand before we can grow to maturity in Christian faith and practice. Understanding these will lay a good solid doctrinal foundation from which to build our Christian worldview.

1. Repentance from dead works.

Dead works are nothing more than those things that a person does
that are not works of faith, which includes:

    a. Works of our hands: Creating our own Gods. (Acts 7:41)
    b. Works of the law: Seeking righteousness through keeping the
        law. (Romans 9:32)
    c. Works of the flesh: Living according to our own desires & wants.
        (Galatians 5:19-21)

To repent is to stop doing these things and doing the works of God.

2. Faith toward God.

Our faith is always directed toward our trust in God and not anything that is outside God.

3.    Baptisms.

4.    Laying on of hands.

5.    Resurrection of the dead.

6.    Eternal judgment.

Let us lay these foundations for developing our worldview:

Creation Foundation | Moral FoundationDoctrinal Foundation

Let us understand these timelines:

The Biblical Timeline | The Dispensation of Christ.